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11 Best Laundry Stain Removal Ideas for Stubborn Stains

Everyone has experienced the moment of looking down to find a new stain. Stains are an inevitable part of life that everyone will experience, but could it be costing too much money? Garner Mr. Laundromat has seen our share of tough to remove stains and we know there are so many solutions being marketed as the right one, but are those really the best stain remover? Consider all of the strain removal detergents on the market that are advertised as laundry stain removers:

  • Oxyclean
  • Tide To Go
  • Tide Stain Brush
  • Zout Stain Remover
  • Shout Gel
  • Clorox Pen

These products contain a variety of chemicals and advertise that they can remove any stain, but many can only remove a few types of stains. Then these stain removal products end up not working and getting thrown away. The cost of buying manufacturer stain removal products can become overwhelming. Some stains seem so tough to remove that clothes get thrown away. The cost of replacing clothes because of stains can be astounding. Wouldn’t it be great if the solution to that pesky stain was sitting in the home?

Remove Stains with Household ItemsBefore running out to the store, try to remove those stains with these household items:

There are certain stain fighters that should be the first line of defense. These household items are great for everyday stains such as grease stains, so give these household items as stain removers:

  • Dish Detergent. Dish detergent, specifically Dawn soap, is the most popular stain remover. It is great at removing grease stains, food stains, grass stains, and much more! This is the go-to solution for Raleigh moms.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda. Take one part hydrogen peroxide and one part baking soda then mix together until they create a paste similar to toothpaste. Use this stain removerto take off grease stains, blood stains, and other miscellaneous stains. However, only use this solution on light colored clothes because it may remove color from dark clothes.
  • Clear Underarm Deodorant. Stains on dark clothes can be tough to see, but even more difficult to remove. For darker colored clothing, rub clear underarm deodorant into the stain and then wash it like normal in the washing machine.
  • Bread. For stains that are more liquid based, pull a piece of bread out of the pantry. Pull the inside part out of the bread and roll the bread into a ball. Take the ball of bread and dab it into the stain until it has come out. Bread is great for removing drinks, sauces, beer, and other similar liquids.

A big struggle for Garner parents of young children can be grass stains. It is easy to dull the color of a grass stain, but it is extremely hard to fully remove grass from any type of fabric. If grass stains are a struggle, give these household items a try:

  • Cream of Tartar. Grass stains can be the worst of all stains! While it is easy to remove the vibrant green color from clothes, the right stain remover must have the ability to remove the darker shades of green and brown. Rub cream of tartar into the stain then wash it away with soap before putting it in the laundry.

There are certain stains that will impact everyone, no matter how young or old. Inevitability, it will happen: a pen will explode in your pocket. If it’s time to save an outfit from an ink stain, try these household items to remove the stain:

  • Hairspray. Ink stains are incredibly tough to remove from clothing. Hairsprays are great at lifting ink stains, but they must be alcohol based! Most alcohol free hairsprays advertise this fact on their bottles, so typical hairsprays are great for removing ink stains.
  • Toothpaste. Toothpaste is another great way to remove ink stains. It is not necessarily better or worse than hairspray, it just comes down to what is available at home.
  • Milk. If hairspray or toothpaste don’t lift the ink stains from clothing, soak the fabric in a milk bath overnight then wash it by itself in the morning. This will lift even the peskiest ink stains.

In addition to grass stains and ink stains, there are other stains that can come your way such as wine and tomato sauce.  Try these household items for other types of fabric stains:

  • White Wine. White wine is a great stain remover for one item only: red wine. Simply pour a small amount of white wine on the stain then rinse with water before placing it in the laundry. Be careful to choose a truly white wine that has low sugar content; the best to use would be a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.
  • Shaving Cream. Shaving cream does a great job taking tomato based stains out of clothes. Take it and smear it across the fabric where the stain is and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then, rinse away the shave gel and launder it like normal.
  • Soda. Soda is a very strong substance; it can remove enamel from teeth and stains from clothes. Soda’s specialty is removing blood stains from clothes.

If a stain has just occurred, start by blotting the spot dry first. Once it is dry, read the manufacturer’s label before trying any of these stain removers. It can be tough to know what is safe to try on delicate clothing, so test it on a hidden area first. If at first the stain does not come out, try one more time. If the stain still does not come out, heat the solution used and try it one more time.

Maybe you have tried to remove a particularly difficult stain and none of these stain removal solutions worked. If it is time for extra help and you need a Garner laundry business, contact our Mr. Laundromat’s dry-cleaning team today to get a free quote on getting your clothes back to pristine condition.

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