5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Drop-Off Laundry Service

Are you always busy and don’t have the time to do your laundry? Well, you shouldn’t worry because a laundry delivery service can help. They will pick up your laundry, wash it, fold it and then drop it off at your home. The laundry delivery service will save you a lot of time , time you can spend with family or use to take care of other business.

To ensure you have a smooth experience and get the most value for your money, you have to understand the best practices for using a laundry delivery service. Here is a list of do’s for using a laundry pickup service.

Sort your clothes. Most companies include sorting services in their package. These companies wash clothes separately, starting from the white garments, light ones and colored ones. However, you can sort the clothes on your own because you understand them better. There are clothes that you feel need extra care, especially delicate items. You can pack these clothes in a separate bag and attach a note to the bag, or you can inform the laundry attendant picking up your clothes.

Prepare your laundry thoroughly. Before you hand over your laundry to the laundry attendant, make sure that you have not mixed your delicate or dry cleaning fabrics with the regular ones. Empty all your pockets. If items are left in your pockets, they may damage your clothes or get lost during the washing process, and the laundry company will not be held responsible.It is important to be careful to empty the pockets of your clothes each time you use a laundry pickup service.

Make any special requests if you have any. You may prefer a specific fabric softener, bleach or detergent, or you could have items that need to be air dried. Making these special requests to the laundry company in advance can help ensure that your clothes are processed the right way and come back in top condition. You can either attach your preference to the bag, provide a note on your online form or inform the driver picking up your laundry. This way, you can rest assured that the laundry company will take good care of your garments.

Take care of stains. If you stain any of your garments, you should treat the stains immediately by using pretreatment laundry products. If you let the stain dry, it will be difficult to get rid of. Follow the instructions on the tags when treating your garments. If you are not able to eliminate the stain, you should find out if your laundry company offers stain removal services. Make sure to indicate what caused the stain so they can treat it effectively and remove it.

Confirm the cost. You must understand how you will be charged to avoid any misunderstandings. Different laundry service companies offer different pricing structures. They usually charge per pound for garments, but for large items such as duvets and pillows, they charge per piece. The cost of these services can also vary depending on your location. Additionally, if you use the delivery service, you will have to pay the delivery fee. Whatever the pricing structure of your laundry service company is, it is important to understand how you will be charged so there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

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