Coin Massage Chair – The Reason for Your Next Laundromat Visit

Today, many people are consulting massage therapists, frequenting spas, or enrolling for fitness seminars and nutritional programs to relieve stress. Unluckily, some of these stress-busters are quite expensive to afford. However, most laundromats have almost a cost-effective alternative. For a genuinely relaxed afternoon and stress-free environment, take a break from your home laundry and head over to your local laundromat.

Most folks are privileged to own washing and drying machines. But this shouldn’t be the reason why you won’t visit the local laundromat. Especially when the facility can help clean your clothing and help alleviate your stress, too. Most laundromats offer free Wi-Fi, convenient payment options, impeccable wash & fold service, large and energy-efficient equipment, and much more.

However, the introduction of coin massage chair has changed everything. Now many people are not just visiting laundromats for laundry services but also to enjoy the benefits of these chairs. The following are some of the top advantages of coin massage chairs as you wait for your laundry to be done.

Helps Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, and Tension

Past studies indicate that massage therapy helps in reducing stress symptoms both physically and psychologically. The studies also revealed that 10-15 minutes spend on the massage chair lowers blood pressure, cortisol levels, and oxygen consumption. Stress accounts for over $26 billion in medical expenses as well as $95 billion in reduced productivity in workplaces. A simple solution, such as using the coin massage chair when stressed, can go a long way.

Helps You Relax and Heal Sore Muscles

The human body is like an intelligent machine. Overworking it beyond the required health limit can cause stiff and sore muscles. These are automatic triggers designed to keep your body in check. People working in heavy-demand industries like construction workers are prone to suffer from sore muscles. It’s prudent for such individuals to take a break, visit their local laundromat and enjoy the healing and relaxing effects of the coin massage chair. It assists in healing fatigued muscles and releasing body tension.

Improved Blood Flow

A coin massage chair contains a couple of features that aid in proper blood flow in the body. The chair’s mechanised massage, which involves Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling and gripping techniques, vibrate vital points on the body. In turn, this aids in offering proper blood flow. Another feature is the chair’s Zero Gravity mostly found on premium massage chairs. This position allows full blood circulation throughout your body.

Improved Immune System

Merely sitting in a massage chair for 45minutes and letting the Washing machines work increases your body’s lymphocytes. They are white blood cells responsible for maintaining the immune system of your body. An increase in body lymphocytes helps the body to counter sickness and illnesses in our daily lives. Experts recommend at least one massage per week for quantifiable immune and endocrine levels in the body.


After a long day at our jobs, a relaxing chair massage is almost heaven-sent. Take time to visit your local laundromat to not only have your clothes cleaned but also enjoy the health benefits associated with the coin massage chair.

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