Last month, we started  sharing some tips on red wine stains removal. These are just tips, if you choose to try them, it will be at your own risk, especially if you do it wrongly. However, it is advised to always let a professional take care of those stains for you, mainly when your clothes are costly.  Don’t ruin them by using  the tips shared above for  trial purposes only. Below are few more suggestions:

  • Another method is the mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

None of the ingredients work well alone, but together they are the most used method for removing dried red wine stains.

Pour hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap into a bowl and mix them. You can use one part dish detergent and two parts hydrogen peroxide if you want to get a more potent mixture.

Before applying the soap and peroxide mixture,

Place a towel inside the fabric to prevent the stain from spreading into it and allow the towel to absorb the stain


  • Pour a small amount of the soap and peroxide solution onto the stain. Massage the mixture into the stained area with your fingertips and work inward from the outside of the stain to the center in order to prevent it from spreading.

  But if you don’t want to use your fingertips to massage the stain you can dab it instead. 

  • Pour the soap and peroxide solution onto a clean towel, then firmly dab the stain with the towel.

Let the soap and peroxide soak into the fabric for 30 minutes. Make sure the stain is completely saturated with the mixture. Let the fabric sit for at least 30 minutes before trying to wash off the soap.

Rinse the fabric with lukewarm water:

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, then let the fabric soak. Make sure  it is completely saturated with water. Try running the stain under a hot faucet.

Soak the stain in hot water : 

Put the fabric in hot water, then let it soak for one hour. A washing machine with a soak cycle can also help.

Do not add laundry soap! The fabric should still contain a mixture of soap and peroxide.

Rinse the fabric in cold water. After it has soaked in warm to lukewarm water for an hour, rinse it with cold water. If you don’t want to rinse by hand, you can run a washing machine cycle on cold. Do not add laundry soap.

Hang dry. Do not use a dryer, especially if the fabric is 100% cotton! High heat can significantly shrink damp cotton. If the red wine stain remains, do not hesitate to repeat the process.

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