Washing Winter Coats

Taking care of your winter coats during wintertime

Daylight saving time has already ended in our regions. Winter is here, and we have to change our dressing according to the weather. 

Many think that we don’t need to wash our winter coats, and they have reason at a certain level. Others forget to find time to wash their winter coats before the arrival of winter. Anyway, we have to wash them from time to time to avoid moths, itchiness, or even lead to rashes, and you can do it now. Here are some recommendations for you to succeed in it.

1- Read the care tag and follow the instructions: When you decide to wash your winter coat, the first step is to check the care tag for instructions. The care tag has the information needed, and it helps you know if your jacket is machine-washable, the appropriate wash cycle and water temperature, the detergent, and how to proceed to dry it.

2- Pre-treat stains: If you didn’t wash your winter coat all season, it might have some stains from food, sweating, and smell. To succeed in this, use a stain remover to pre-treat these stains. Just apply the treatment on every stain, let it soak for about 10 minutes before putting it in the machine, or scrubbing it with a wet cloth.

3- Fasten all buttons and zippers: The zippers’ metal teeth can damage other clothes in the washing machine. To avoid this, make sure you zip, fasten, and button everything on your coat before washing it. 

These actions help your coat retain/maintain its shape during washing.

4- Put similar materials in the machine together: When you rub together certain opposite materials, it can pill, fade, or destroy your clothes.

To maintain your coats on their top quality, wash them separately or with clothes of similar materials. Always wash your clothes by following instructions on the tags or researching if you don’t have enough information. wool with wool, nylon with nylon, fleece with fleece, and so on.

Caution: When your Fur Coats, Leather Jackets, or Suede are dirty, don’t take on yourself to wash them at home. Please bring them to the best Laundromat near you, your local dry cleaner, for high-quality cleaning. Mr. Laundromat is equipped to help you clean every kind of winter coat for a full-satisfaction.

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