We have all had the experience of staining clothes with greasy food. But once the mistake is made, there is no need to wonder if the textile is recoverable or not. Just try one of these very simple tips, and that nasty stain will be history, here is how to proceed:


Household ammonia is known to be an excellent cleaner for grease and oil and can be used in different ways. As soon as you find out a grease or oil stain on your clothes, simply mix a little bleach-free dishwashing detergent with ammonia and dab it on the affected area before washing. 

Even if the greasy spot on the clothing is old, it can be easily removed if the area is well lubricated with ammonia prepared solution below detailed:

  • Mix 1 part alcohol, 3 parts water, and 1 part salt.
  • Dampen the stain.
  • Hang up clothes to air them out.
  • Then wash.

If your stained clothing is made of silk fabric, clean it as follows to remove the grease:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of water and glycerin and add ½ tablespoon of ammonia.
  • Immerse the contaminated area in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.

Baking soda and shampoo

Just like dish soap, shampoo has degreasing properties, you can use that option in case that’s all you have on hand. In the case you are using shampoo, it is best you mix baking soda with the same amount of shampoo, then gently rub the stain with a toothbrush to obtain the same result.


Lemon is not only known as a good bleaching agent, but it also has great cleansing properties. The strong acidity compound of a lemon reduces organic matter and helps remove oil or grease stains from clothes. Simply cut a piece of lemon and squeeze out as much of the juice as you can and rub it gently over the stain until the juice seeps deep into the fabric. And then wash the garment to obtain the same stain removing result.


Immediately dust the stain with talcum powder.

The powder absorbs the oil or grease stain in 6 hours, and all you must do is dust it off.

This solution is ideal for stains that are still damp and fresh.


Never put a fabric with a greasy stain in the washing machine, the stain must be removed before washing. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more assistance in the management of your daily laundry.

5 Natural Stain Removers

The Top 5 Natural Stain Removers You Already Have at Home

Let’s face it: stains are a pain. A small spill or accident can lead to your favorite clothes being ruined. To have the best chance of removing a stain, you should wash it as soon as possible and use a pre-treatment on the affected area. But what if you don’t have a stain remover on hand? Here are five of the best natural stain removers you probably already have at home.

White Vinegar. White vinegar is effective for removing sweat stains, mildew stains, and grass stains, among others. Its mold-killing properties also make it effective at removing odors. If you accidentally leave clothes in the machine overnight, you can add vinegar to a cycle to help prevent the musty smell that usually develops.

It is best to pre-treat the stained area of clothes with vinegar before adding them to the washer. Additionally, you should add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. Adding vinegar any earlier in the wash can interfere with the detergent’s cleaning ability. Most laundry detergents are basic in nature. Since vinegar is acidic, adding it to the washer when soap is still present will neutralize the soap.

Note that white vinegar should be used rather than apple cider vinegar, as apple cider vinegar’s coloring can create a stain of its own. 

Baking Soda. That’s right, baking soda can be used for much more than bread and desserts. In addition to serving as a strong stain remover, baking soda boosts detergent’s effectiveness and acts as a softener. Even better, it is an effective odor removal agent as it helps kill odor-producing fungi.

Hydrogen peroxide. Commonly used as a disinfectant for first aid treatment of cuts or scrapes, hydrogen peroxide is also effective at fighting stains. Like bleach, it is an oxidizing agent, but it is much safer to handle. You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove red wine stains, sweat stains, mold stains, and stains from vegetables or fruit juice.

For best results, apply hydrogen peroxide to the stained area and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before placing it in the washing machine. Additionally, you can put a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the washer before adding water or other clothes. 

A word of caution: never combine hydrogen peroxide with chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other household cleaners. The chemical reaction can create dangerous odorless gases.

Lemon Juice. When life gives you lemons, use them to remove stains from white clothing. The acid in lemon juice serves as a natural bleaching compound. You can use it on white fabric– for example, removing sweat stains on the collars of white T-shirts. It is much safer and easier to handle than chlorine bleach. As an added bonus, your clothes will have a fresh lemon scent. 

One word of caution: because the citrus fruit’s acid functions as bleach, you should not use it on colored fabrics. If you accidentally get lemon juice on a nonwhite garment, you should rinse it under a facet immediately and then wash it.

Bonus Tip: Always spot test a stain remover on a garment before treating the stained area or using it in a wash. As with any cleaning solution, there is always the possibility that it can make the color bleed or cause discoloration. To do a spot test, dip a Q-tip into the stain removing solution. Press it onto an out-of-sign area of the garment you plan to use it on, such as a hem or inner pocket, and rub it gently against the cloth. If dye comes off onto the Q-tip, it’s a good sign you shouldn’t use the stain remover on that piece of clothing.

Stains can be frustrating, but when they are treated swiftly and correctly, you can save your favorite clothes from the donation pile.

How Commercial Linens Cleaning Can Help Your Restaurant

Owning and managing a restaurant or eatery can be challenging, to say the least. One of the most crucial factors that will affect its success is the level of cleanliness that you maintain in your establishment. And this is not just about the hygiene standards that you need to maintain in the kitchen. It also has to do with how clean and spotless your table linens are.

The snag is that while you can keep your kitchen spick and span, you do need a professional service to keep your napkins spotless. Here is how a commercial linens cleaning service can help.

A Reliable Cleaning Service
As said before, running and managing your restaurant can be hectic and demanding. And while you will be supervising other undeniably important facets, you might miss out on getting the linens washing done properly.

A commercial linens cleaning service will take care of that. It will take all your tablecloths and napkins at a time and wash them so that they are spotless and smell fresh. They will also deliver these linens in the nick of time everyday to be ready to be used.

With this kind of assistance, you will never have to worry about having enough clean napkins for your diners. You will also be able to focus on kitchen hygiene and other things that matter for your diners.

Thorough Cleaning
Getting napkins and tablecloths washed on your own can never give the desired effect. Some stains might still remain and they might leave a bad name among regular diners. So, for a complete and thorough cleaning effect, you need a professional company.

One of the benefits of hiring a cleaner to get your table linens washed is the meticulous approach that it would adopt. Companies use chemical cleaning solutions to wash off the tougher stains and they also use special fragrances to make your napkins smell fresh and clean.

You can also get new tablecloths and napkins washed in a way that they do not fade in colour or become too starchy. You can trust a company to wash napkins effectively for the sake of your reputation.

Time-Saving For More Important Tasks
On a daily basis, there are dozens of things that you have to attend to when running a restaurant. You have to keep orders ready to be served to diners and you also need to make sure that everybody remains comfortable and satisfied with the services. You need to take out precious time to attend to these things.

In that case, if you have a company ready to clean and wash your tablecloths and linens, you can outsource this task to it. As explained before, a big advantage will be how quickly and promptly the napkins and linens will be delivered to your restaurant before each day begins. That saves you the time and energy to micro-manage this particular task.

Lower Operational Costs
It is well-known by now that washing and cleaning linens on your own can be a ridiculously expensive proposition. This is because you will need more hands to do it and they will need to be paid.

Even if you are depending on machines to get linens washed and freshly cleaned, you would have to spend generously on them. And all these costs will only make your restaurant run into losses.

By having a professional cleaning company by your side, you can lower your operational costs significantly. All that you will need to spend is what you will be paying the company for linens washing. Apart from that, the high costs that you would incur normally in using washing machines or a cleaning staff would be averted.

Brand Building
It might be high time that you spread word that your restaurant is really top-notch in its service and amenities. For that reason, why would you need to clean and wash the linens yourself? If you wish to build a powerful brand and reputation of your restaurant, you need to promote the professional quality of the ambience and amenities being provided.

For that, having a commercial company that cleans and washes linens makes perfect sense. In fact, you can also consider working with a commercial company that specialises in napkins rental services. These tablecloth rental companies will rent out good quality and clean linens at good prices for your ease and convenience. Having a tablecloth rental garner will be a good solution for you.

Different Ways In Which a Laundromat Can Be Helpful After a Hurricane

Hurricanes are some of the most damaging natural calamities. Over the past few years, we have witnessed extensive damage worth billions of dollars after hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Irene. As if the costly damage is not enough, cleaning up after a hurricane can be a daunting task. In addition to getting your laundry extremely soiled, your clothes risk contamination, which can make hand-washing your laundry not just tiring, but also unsafe. Since you need a fresh change of clothes, using a Laundromat is probably the fastest and safest way to clean your clothes.  If you’ve been hit by a hurricane, here are 5 different ways in which a Laundromat can be of help.

•Clean a Huge Load of Heavily Soiled Laundry

Floodwater during a hurricane is usually full of dirt and debris. If all of your clothes have been heavily soiled by floodwater, cleaning them by hand is practically impossible. You might end up spending lots of time and energy trying to clean them but the truth is, heavily soiled clothes don’t get clean that easy, unless you use a high-powered and high-capacity Laundromat washing machine or a dry cleaning machine. In a Laundromat, you can have your huge load cleaned up in minutes. Some Laundromats even offer Wash and Fold services. You will therefore save time and energy for other clean up jobs in the house.

•Disinfect Clothes with Hot Water

Your plumbing and hot water system will most likely be damaged after a hurricane. With your clothes heavily soiled and most likely contaminated by the flood water, using hot water is the only way to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. In a Laundromat, you will get to disinfect your clothes with hot water and other disinfectants.

•Convenient Pick Up and Drop-Off Services

After the aftermath of a hurricane, your entire house is certainly in a big mess. During this time, you need as much time as you can get to clean up and get everything in order. Most Laundromats offer pickup and drop-off services. They will pick up your dirty laundry from your home and deliver it to you right to your doorstep. This way, you will have more time to perform other tasks like cleaning up.

•Hurricane Relief for Laundry Services

After the immense destruction of a hurricane, most people are often left with little or no money for food or other expenses. As a hurricane victim, you may not even afford to take your laundry to a coined Laundromat. The good news is that some Laundromats roll out disaster relief Laundromat programs where they offer free laundry services to the affected people. Simply find a Laundromat that is offering free laundry services and you won’t have to pay a dime, which is pretty convenient.

•Free Mobile Laundry Service

Some companies send mobile laundry truck to help thousands of affected residents clean their clothes free of charge. These mobile Laundromats are usually outfitted with washers and dryers to handle hundreds of loads for the victims. By bringing a Laundromat to you, you will avoid the hassle of carrying loads of wet and soiled clothes to the nearest Laundromat.

Mr. Laundromat- We Offer Premium Laundry Services

We are a full-service Laundromat dedicated to offering a wide variety of premium laundry services to our clients. If you’ve been hit by a hurricane, we are here to ensure that you and your family have a clean, fresh change of clothes. Our laundry services are fast, reliable, affordable and our highest level of service will meet all your laundry needs.
Our laundry services include:
•Machine washing and dry cleaning
•Wash and fold
•Commercial linen services
•Comforter services
•Restaurant services
•Pet services
As you wait for your laundry to get done, you can have some fun playing games in our exclusive gaming area or relax in our massage chair.
Mr. Laundromat is your one-stop shop laundry services, so don’t hesitate to visit or call us today for the best and most affordable laundry services in town.

Household Energy Saving Using A Laundromat

Are you keen on ensuring energy bills savings and yet be sure that your clothes look neat and clean? If the answer is yes, then you have reasons to look for the best laundry techniques. Additionally, you also would need to look into the services of Laundromat services in your area because it may not always be possible to wash clothes in your homes.

Though most of us have washing machines in homes, with utility bills soaring, it certainly makes sense to leverage on laundromat and find ways by which we can cut down on energy costs. It would call for understanding a few useful tips and suggestions which could help you to save money on utilities when it comes to using washing machines. We are sharing a few of them for the benefits of our readers.

Learn To Wash With Cold Water Or Warm Water

When using washing machines, you could try and replace warm water with hot water. It could reduce energy cost quite significantly. If you use warm water in place of cold water, you could further reduce the energy expenses quite a bit. There are many detergents which are strong and could help you to wash your clothes thoroughly. You also could spend money on high-efficiency detergents but should do it carefully so that you do not end up damaging the garments or fabrics.

Importance Of Washing Full Loads

You must also understand the importance of washing full loads. By washing half loads or quarter loads, even the best machines will not be able to save much on energy costs. It would always be prudent and advisable to wait for a few days and leverage on full machine load in a laundromat. The washing is also more efficient and complete when you opt for full washing machine loads in bigger machines you can’t install at home.

The Secret Of Using Dryer Balls

Learn to use rubber or wool dryer balls. It will help you give space between clothes and also provide more air circulation for the clothes. It also will help in cutting down drying time. You also will be able to reduce static, and therefore, you would not need dryer sheets. The wool balls also have the capability of absorbing moisture, and this too will cut down drying time quite significantly. Hence you will be able to wash & fold more efficiently. The less the dryer runs, the more energy you will be able to save.

Regular Cleaning Of Lint Filter On The Dryer

You must understand the importance of regularly cleaning the lint filter. It will ensure efficient and smoother running of the dryer. You may also use dryer sheets, but you must ensure that they are scrubbed and cleaned at least once a month. You could do it with a toothbrush, and this will help remove built-up films. These films are notorious for reducing air circulation considerably.

Look For Energy Star Certified Dryers And Washing Machines

When choosing to wash your clothes either at home or in a laundromat, you must ensure that you always go in for energy-star certified machines and dryers. These could help a lot in saving you on energy bills. Further, you could try to look for dryers which operate on gas. It will add to the overall utility bills savings.

If you look at some of the best Laundromat services, they too use energy star certified dryers so that they can save energy costs and better serve their clients.

While choosing the right Laundromat services, look for energy efficient laundromat.

You also must identify some ways by which you can make your washing machines energy efficient in your homes. Altogether these tips help us contribute to preserving the environment as well. Come to visit us in Garner in you are looking for the best laundromat in Garner.

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