How Commercial Linens Cleaning Can Help Your Restaurant

Owning and managing a restaurant or eatery can be challenging, to say the least. One of the most crucial factors that will affect its success is the level of cleanliness that you maintain in your establishment. And this is not just about the hygiene standards that you need to maintain in the kitchen. It also has to do with how clean and spotless your table linens are.

The snag is that while you can keep your kitchen spick and span, you do need a professional service to keep your napkins spotless. Here is how a commercial linens cleaning service can help.

A Reliable Cleaning Service
As said before, running and managing your restaurant can be hectic and demanding. And while you will be supervising other undeniably important facets, you might miss out on getting the linens washing done properly.

A commercial linens cleaning service will take care of that. It will take all your tablecloths and napkins at a time and wash them so that they are spotless and smell fresh. They will also deliver these linens in the nick of time everyday to be ready to be used.

With this kind of assistance, you will never have to worry about having enough clean napkins for your diners. You will also be able to focus on kitchen hygiene and other things that matter for your diners.

Thorough Cleaning
Getting napkins and tablecloths washed on your own can never give the desired effect. Some stains might still remain and they might leave a bad name among regular diners. So, for a complete and thorough cleaning effect, you need a professional company.

One of the benefits of hiring a cleaner to get your table linens washed is the meticulous approach that it would adopt. Companies use chemical cleaning solutions to wash off the tougher stains and they also use special fragrances to make your napkins smell fresh and clean.

You can also get new tablecloths and napkins washed in a way that they do not fade in colour or become too starchy. You can trust a company to wash napkins effectively for the sake of your reputation.

Time-Saving For More Important Tasks
On a daily basis, there are dozens of things that you have to attend to when running a restaurant. You have to keep orders ready to be served to diners and you also need to make sure that everybody remains comfortable and satisfied with the services. You need to take out precious time to attend to these things.

In that case, if you have a company ready to clean and wash your tablecloths and linens, you can outsource this task to it. As explained before, a big advantage will be how quickly and promptly the napkins and linens will be delivered to your restaurant before each day begins. That saves you the time and energy to micro-manage this particular task.

Lower Operational Costs
It is well-known by now that washing and cleaning linens on your own can be a ridiculously expensive proposition. This is because you will need more hands to do it and they will need to be paid.

Even if you are depending on machines to get linens washed and freshly cleaned, you would have to spend generously on them. And all these costs will only make your restaurant run into losses.

By having a professional cleaning company by your side, you can lower your operational costs significantly. All that you will need to spend is what you will be paying the company for linens washing. Apart from that, the high costs that you would incur normally in using washing machines or a cleaning staff would be averted.

Brand Building
It might be high time that you spread word that your restaurant is really top-notch in its service and amenities. For that reason, why would you need to clean and wash the linens yourself? If you wish to build a powerful brand and reputation of your restaurant, you need to promote the professional quality of the ambience and amenities being provided.

For that, having a commercial company that cleans and washes linens makes perfect sense. In fact, you can also consider working with a commercial company that specialises in napkins rental services. These tablecloth rental companies will rent out good quality and clean linens at good prices for your ease and convenience. Having a tablecloth rental garner will be a good solution for you.

Best Practices Using Laundry Detergent in a Laundromat

Going to the Laundromat every week can be a very distressing affair. However, the best Laundromat in Ganer North Carolina guarantees to give you services you will appreciate. Even so, going to do your washing at the Laundromat has its own advantages. You will have access to several machines, which means being able to wash several loads of clothes at the same time. Here, you can wash and fold your clothes within a short time than if you were to do it at home.

As you plan to do your washing at the Laundromat, you should put at your advantages the best practices using laundry detergent in a Laundromat. You need to find the answers to the following questions.

How Much Detergent Should You Use?

Did you know that the amount of laundry detergent to use on every load of clothes depends on your type of washing machine? You will also have to put into consideration the load size, how soiled the clothes are, how hard the water supply is, and the concentration on the detergent label.

Do you have heavily soiled clothes to pre-soak? Use the detergent you plan to use to wash the full load. If it is a single garment you are soaking, use a teaspoon of powdered or liquid detergent in every gallon of water.

How Much Detergent for High-Efficiency Washers?

High-efficiency washing machines use less water and by extension less detergent. You have to be careful not to use excess detergent. You may want to consider the following when using liquid laundry detergent:

  • Two-spoonful 2X detergent.
  • One-teaspoonful 4X detergent.
  • ¼ teaspoonful 10X detergent.
  • Use less with soft water and ¼ more with hard water.
  • One premeasured packet.
  • Pre-soak soiled clothes instead of increasing the detergent.
  • How Much Detergent for Standard Top Load Washers?

You need 40 gallons of water to wash and rinse your clothes compared to 20 to 25 gallons in a high-efficiency washing machine. You can, therefore, use more detergent while remaining environment friendly. The best Laundromat in Garner recommends that you observe the following best practices.

  • Use half of the manufacturer recommended amount to save money.
  • For soft water use 1 tablespoons of laundry detergent. Use the full amount for hard water.
  • Only one premeasured packet of green detergent is enough for a load of clothes.
  • Pre-soak soiled clothes instead of using extra detergent.
  • Use between ¼ and 1/3 commercial or homemade powder laundry detergent.
  • What Information Is On The Laundry Detergent Label?

The amount on the label of the laundry detergent is likely to be much more than you need to use for the actual washing. The reason is that manufacturers want you to use more of it. Their aim is to increase their sales. That is why you should always try to use much less detergent than indicated on the label. If anything, using too much laundry detergent will only mean you use more water at the rinsing stage.

Follow these best practices and you will be able to save the environment by using less detergent and water.

4 Benefits of Using A Professional Commercial Linens Washing Services

As a business owner, you want your business to run smoothly without you having to worry about minute details. You want to be able to focus on the number one thing your business needs: Selling and keeping existing clients happy. These minute details for some business owners, are like clean napkins and towels. They are what keep your customers coming back in your business. For your business to succeed, you need to focus on the core issues and leave these small details to professionals.

Are you wondering whether to hire commercial linens washing services? Here are some benefits they will offer to your business:

Time Savings

As a business owner, you just do not have enough time to spend hours at the Laundromat and focus on the critical areas of your business. You can only fully serve one area. A commercial linens washing service will pick your dirty laundry from your premise, clean it, and deliver it. This helps you stay focused on the core areas of your business.


A commercial linens washing service within your locality will offer to pick up and deliver your lines for free. This is because they understand small businesses work within a strict budget, so you will only be charged for the washing service.

Compliance with industry standards

Depending on the industry your business serves, you want to ensure your linen are cleaned according to regulations set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), federal, and local administrations.

Failure to meet these standards may be quite costly to your business. A professional commercial linen washing firm will help you achieve these standards. You can be assured the bar towels, hair salon towels, church tablecloths or napkins will be cleaned according to regulations.

Dependability and Efficiency

For a first-time customer to become a repeat customer, they need to be affirmed that you are dependable and your services are efficient. No customer likes the sight of a dirty or stained napkin or tablecloth.

No customer will come back if they find you have closed shop to wash napkins or tablecloths. Become a dependable by having clean linen and having your business opened at the right time. Outsource your linen to professional commercial linens company.

With professional like Mr Laundromat in Garner, we work with organization like Duke Energy. We offer professional commercial linen washing to different industries. Here are some services we provide:

  1. Coffee shops bar towels – without proper cleaning; coffee stains can quickly become permanent. We evaluate the material and color of the towel to determine the right detergents to use to remove the stain permanently.
  2. Hair salon towels – We understand the human scalp is quite sensitive to disease and that’s why your salon needs extra clean towels. Hygiene is important. We will remove the bad odor, sanitize, and remove the stains from your hair salon towels.
  3. Church tablecloths – we provide care and cleaning for Holy Communion tablecloths and altar linens. You can be guaranteed we will maintain the dignity, life, and beauty of church tablecloths.
  4. Auto detailers’ microfiber towels – we understand the need for auto detailers to have clean microfiber towels; they absorb liquid and dirt faster and are ideal for waterless car washes. We will clean your microfiber towels using the right microfiber solution and dry them accordingly.
  5. Restaurants – Restaurant owners are our largest clientele base. We provide a continuous cycle of clean, fresh linen. We offer table cloth cleaning, napkins washing, and we can accommodate different colors and sizes.

Other services our firm provides include the supply of new microfiber towels and bar towels. Reach out to us and get professional commercial linens washing services.

Benefits of Wash and Fold Laundry Services

Let’€™s face it! In the fast running modern world, we find ourselves busy almost all the time. We often get held up in jobs, schools, and sports among other activities that we have very little time to address other chores at home. The last thing you want to think about is having to wash countless loads of laundry when you get back home.

Nobody likes doing laundry which is why most people opt for a laundry service instead. Using wash and fold laundry might sound budget breaking to the average person but when weighing the benefits that come with it, it’s fairly cost-effective. Well, you can! But hiring someone else to do the chore is a great way to create more free time for you and your family.

Wash and fold laundry service can be offered by an expert who can be located somewhere near you. They use advanced machines and driers to get your laundry clean in a perfect manner. Laundry services offer the following benefits for you:

It’€™s Time Saving

Let’s agree! Laundry is tedious and time-consuming. The truth is that you can always make more money but a day is 24 hours only. By availing your laundry to a Mr. Laundromat, you will save time that you’d have spent doing laundry at home. If you are probably on a fulltime job, it means you have a million things on your plate. Why should you be stressed about laundry?

You can easily pick your dirty clothes and drop them at a laundromat as you attend to other activities in the morning. Once the clothes are washed and dried, you will easily pick them up as you head back to your house. You do not have to waste a whole day washing, drying and folding them. Your job should only be placing them in your wardrobe and spending the time doing what you love.

Cost Effective

Do you fear that availing your laundry to a Laundromat is not affordable? Well, don’t be. Most of them offer the wash and fold service at a convenient price. Of course, you may need to take time to compare and calculate the whole of doing laundry yourself with the amount being charged by your Laundromat.

There is a higher chance that you will discover that it is about equal. Additionally, they offer services with advanced machines which means that your clothes will be professionally cleaned without damaging them. This means that you may take longer to replace the clothes.

Professional Results

Wash and fold laundry service providers work with equipment that will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean. You don’t have to worry about your clothes becoming ruined. You can rest assured that your clothes are in good hands. They will offer specialized services such as dry cleaning and take care of laundry that requires things like flat drying sweaters. You may even request them to iron the clothes and put them on hangers if you like. Moreover, they understand the special washing requirements such as the required temperatures for washing and will be keen on color separation.


Another benefit you will reap is that you do not need to buy washing detergents, spot cleaner, softeners, bleach and all those products. In fact, some Laundromats offer greenwash as a way to conserve the environment and ensure that you get what you pay for. Your clothes will be washed using proper hygiene for the benefit of your health.

If you a€™re lucky enough to be living in a bigger city like Raleigh, the Laundromats may offer to pick up and drop your laundry hence saving you the trip to their facility. That is true convenience!

The Bottom line

These are just but few benefits that you can derive from the wash and fold laundry services. You may need to take time and do proper homework on how to pick a good Laundromat. Be sure to pick a reputable one offering high-quality services such as Mr. Laundromat.

We can save you the hassle of doing laundry. Our service is coin operated and offers you all the options you could need to carry out your laundry and gain back the much-needed family time. Need a bulk laundry service? Search no further! We offer laundry services for restaurant, hotels and other businesses. Experience the best laundry detergents, best fabric softeners, as well as perfectly folded and hanged clothes.

But don’€™t take our word for it yet, try it out yourself. Call Mr. Laundromat today and let us do your laundry chores all the time!



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